Barastoc and Kentucky Equine Research (KER) Partnership

Barastoc is Australia’s leading brand for high-performance livestock feed and has always been committed to producing balanced, quality products and providing customers with tailored personal service. This dedication led Barastoc to forge an exclusive relationship with KER, the world leader in equine nutrition research and development. Barastoc is the exclusive KER Team Member for the eastern states of Australia, and has been since 2001.

KER is the most highly regarded, independent equine research centre in the world, committed to the advancement of equine health and athletic performance through nutrition. The aim at KER is to enhance the understanding of equine nutrition, metabolism and exercise physiology, and apply this knowledge to produce healthier, more athletic horses.

From its headquarters in Central Kentucky with a base in Melbourne Australia, KER conducts extensive research designed to improve the health and wellbeing of horses by targeting specific problems, and finding nutritional solutions. From improving performance, targeting metabolic and obesity issues, and preventing performance-reducing disease, KER’s research spans all areas of the horse industry. By working so closely with KER in this way, Barastoc shares those aims and objectives, and because of Barastoc’s exclusive relationship with KER, these resources available to the Australian horse industry.

Due to the collaboration with KER, Barastoc provides nutritional solutions with unique, scientifically balanced feeds, specific to Australia, with the science to support them.

Find out more about Kentucky Equine Research on their website here.