Online Horse Diet Analysis

Let us assess your horses individual diet by filling out our online diet request form.

Online Diet Analysis

Horse Weight Calculator

Use this handy online calculator to estimate your horses weight.

Horse Weight Calculator

Microsteed Online Ration Wizard

Thinking about what feed is appropriate or how much you should feed?  MicroSteed™, an online program from KER & Barastoc, can help you.

Microsteed Ration Wizard

Body Condition Score Chart

Use this chart to work out your horses body condition score. Useful for working out feeding rations.

Body Condition Score Chart

What should I feed? How much should I feed?

How much? How often? What kind? What else? The answers are different for each horse depending on size, breed, use, and stage of development.

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GROOM Cost per Feed Calculator

Find out the ‘cost per feed’ for your horse and compare us with your current supplement.

Groom Calculator